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3 Acorns Eco-audits was founded in 2005

Our threefold vision includes Inspiration, Information and Implementation.


We aim to inspire our clients and their staff and families to transform how they run their workplaces and homes to being as environmentally responsible as they can be with the money, time and knowledge that they have.

We do this by having staff meetings where we provide them with up to date briefing on the various global environmental crises and how they can make a real contribution by ensuring their support for the changes proposed at their own workplace.


We provide the detailed information on how the company, school, charity or home-owner can take clear practical steps to acheive their environmental goals.

We do this through site walkabouts with facilities managers, one to one meetings with key decision makers, staff meetings and most importantly through the eco-audit report.


We provide advice on how these steps can be implemented through the eco-audit report and provide systems on how to our clients can measure their success in achieving their goals.

Crucially for our organisational and business clients we always include an annual return-visit to encourage further momentum and to address any queries that may have arisen during the initial implementation phase.

Leading By Example

Underpinning our vision of helping to inspire, inform and helping to implement, is our core value of leading by example.

We strongly believe that environmentalists should lead by example and so seek to run our company the green principles and practices which we promote.

Our office is based at 3 Acorns Retro Eco-Home which was the first in London to export solar electricity from the photovoltaic panels on the roof to the national grid.  It exports more than 20% more electricity to the grid than it imports over the year.

The hot water is heated by a solar water heating system powered by a solar pump.

The WC is supplied by a rain-harvester.

No employees of 3 Acorns Eco-audits owns a car.

Wherever possible, site visits are made by public transport or by bicycle.

It had a wind-turbine installed in 2005 and became London Energy's first ever domestic wind electricity supplier.  However, the experimental device produces disappointingly very little electricity.

It is heated by a wood burner powered by waste wood, with the heat distributed by an eco-fan.

In 2007 the building finally become not only a zero carbon but by a modest 116 Kg it became carbon negative i.e. it sold more green electricity from its solar electric panels to the national grid than it imported fossil fuels.

Less than half-a-wheelie bin of non-recycled waste was produced over the entire year.

Our operation is almost entirely paper-free, using less than 50 sheets of new recycled paper per annum.