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School Eco-audits


3 Acorns Eco-audits have eco-audited a number of primary and secondary schools across Britain.

Our school eco-audits will not only help you demonstrate good environmental practice in how your school is run but they also provide a great opportunity to teach and inspire students to start eco-auditing their own family's home and lifestyles.

Schools qualify for our special school rates. Prices depend on size and complexity of the school or college.

Please contact us for a quote.


Some schools that we have eco-audited have been successful in persuading their local authority to fund their eco-audit as a demonstration and learning opportunity that can be applied to other local schools in the area.

What do our school eco-audits include:


An school eco-audit is the assessment of a school's current environmental practice and the drafting of a plan with proposals for its improvement.

They can include:

Our approach is friendly, accessible and down to earth.  We aim to ensure that the process fits in with your particular school's or college's culture.

Areas covered by the Eco-Audit can include:

Our approach aims to discover what you are doing well already rather than to find fault and to help the process of improving your environmental performance constructively.

The courtesy follow-up visit a year later is essential if you are to get the full value of the time and money you have invested in the eco-audit.

To view an example 3 Acorns Business Eco-audit in pdf format, click here